Rules & Regulations

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Article (1) Definitions
Chairman or Delegate

Club regulations

A sports entity with a legal personality, financially and morally assisted by investors in achieving its goals in accordance with the regulations of the Olympic Committee and local and international federations.

Board of Directors:
A management club body consisting of a number of members selected by the President.

The club's day-to-day management and full-time management.


Article (2) Club obligations:

The Club's Board of Directors is committed to the following:

1 - Conducting its activities and actions within the framework of the state policy in accordance with regulations, regulations and resolutions.
2 - Organizing the official club activity and participating in the programs and activities of sports federations and bodies.
3 - Do not pursue any illegal purpose, interfere in any religious conflicts or join any political or sectarian activity.
4 - Compliance with the instructions and decisions issued by the Authority, sports federations and its affiliates.
5 - Compliance with World Anti-Doping Agency laws.

Article (3) Club Logo:
1 - The club may not take a name or logo that confuses it with other clubs
2 - The club logo may only be used by any party with the written permission of the Board of Directors.

Article (4) Club objectives:
The club aims to practice and spread sports and prepare the necessary means and services to achieve its objectives, to the benefit of all members within the framework of the general policy of the state, and for the club to take all possible means according to the possibilities available to him to achieve his goals, especially the following:

1 - Contribute to the preparation and care of the good citizen and invest his energy and creativity in the public interest of the state.
2 - Participating in the dissemination of competitive sports and participating in community sports programs in order to benefit the health of the citizen and the level of competitiveness positively.
3 - Discovering and developing sports talent. 4 - Participating in national, social and cultural events of the State.
5 - Deepening the spirit of loyalty and belonging to the homeland among members and highlighting their abilities, skills and talents.
6 - Organizing and implementing courses, seminars and sports activities to contribute to the service and development of the community.
7 - Encouraging and strengthening links and relationships with other clubs through the exchange of experiences and periodic bulletins.
8 - The formation of sports teams in accordance with the regulations and regulations adopted.

Club Membership

Article (5) Club membership:
1 - Golden Member
After the approval of the CEO and General Counsel, the club may include the Golden Member in order to increase the annual financial support, to gain membership (500,000) 500,000 dirhams. 2 - The average member

Article (6) Terms of membership:
It is required to obtain the club's golden membership and the following regular membership:

1 - Apply to join the club on the form approved for the club.
2 - Compliance with the regulations, decisions, instructions and regulations issued by the Authority.
3 - The financial return for membership must be paid and it is entitled to be refunded only if the application is rejected.
4 - The applicant's name is not registered in the membership records of any other sports club.

Article (7) Procedures for applying for membership:
1 - The application for membership is submitted in person or through a legitimate agent authorized to manage the club during the working hours in accordance with the model allocated to it. 2 - A replica of the valid national identity card.
3 - Number of 2 individual selfies.
4 - The receipt of bank payment for the value of the financial return for the membership scheduled in this list.
5 - The applicant receives a copy of the form referred to in the previous paragraph and the club retains the origin of the form.

Article (8) Duties and rights of members:
1 - Work to achieve the goals of the club and avoid anything that harms its entity or harms its reputation.
2 - Compliance with the club's regulations and internal regulations.
3 - Do not violate the principles of public order and public morals and avoid provoking disputes.
4 - The initiative to update membership data in the event of any modification.
5 - Maintaining the facilities, transfers and well-used club stadiums and taking legal responsibility for any defect or total or partial damage.

Article (9) Suspension of membership:
1 - If the member is late in paying the financial return for membership for more than 30 days from the date of its due date and the Board of Directors is entitled to prevent him from benefiting from the club's facilities and the member may not attend meetings.
2 - If a member commits any facts that constitute an infringement of the reputation of the club or its members, violates its system or violates regulations, regulations and decisions, the CEO takes the necessary measures to investigate the incident.
4 - Penalty for violations.
5 - The Board of Directors may sign one or more of the following sanctions on the offending member:
A - Catching the eye
B - Warning
C - Suspension of activity
D - Denial of entry to the club.
E - The membership of the member is dropped with the approval of a two-thirds majority of the members of the directors present and the decision is presented to the president of the club.

Article (10) Expiry of membership :
1 - Written resignation is automatically accepted by a working week to be officially submitted to the club.
3 - In the event of death, the resigned member or heirs may not be entitled to recover any amounts that the member has paid to the club in exchange for membership.
4 - In the event of resignation, those who have expired have the right to apply for a new membership in the club.

The Organizational Structure of the Club

Article (11):
The organizational structure of the club consists:
1 - Board of Directors
2 - CEO
3 - Standing or Interim Committees

Article (12) Composition of the Board of Directors:
1 - The Board of Directors consists of at least five and no more than nine.
2 - The Board of Directors may redistribute positions among its members except that of Chairman of the Board of Directors.
3 - The Board of Directors has a secretary who will organize its work and determine its functions and duties.

Article (13) Term of the Board of Directors:
- The term of the Council's session is four years.

Article (14) Legal Responsibility of the Board of Directors and the Ceo:
1 - The Board of Directors is responsible in solidarity for fulfilling all obligations arising from violating the provisions of this regulation, decisions or instructions issued by the Authority or exceeding the approved club budget and the additional funds attached to it during his tenure as the club's management.
2 - Signing contracts, editors, clearances or settlements that exceed the club's annual budget.

Article (15) Terms of reference of the Board of Directors:
1 - The Board oversees the club's administrative, financial and sports affairs.
2 - The adoption of the club's policy.
3 - Adopting the club's internal regulations and the matrix of powers and amending them.
4 - Adopting the club's budget for the fiscal year.
5 - Adoption of the Board's annual technical, financial and administrative report.
6 - Make the necessary decision about applications to join the club.
7 - The appointment of the CEO of the club and his associates.
8 - Naming the representative of the club to attend meetings, seminars and conferences of the Authority and the federations related to the activities of the club.
9 - Study members' suggestions and make appropriate decisions.
10 - Establishing an academy for the club after the approval of the competent authority.

Article (16) Club Budget
1 - Includes wages, allowances, bonuses and assignments.
2 - Includes the provision and maintenance of transportation and maintenance of equipment, equipment, furniture and office supplies.
3 - Includes maintenance and repair expenses and approved projects.
4 - Includes the expenses and requirements of various activities.

Article (17) Complaints:
1 - To file a complaint via official e-mail.
2 - Leads the management of the club to respond to the complaint within two weeks of the date of receipt of the complaint.

Article (18) General provisions:
1 - The club is not entitled to send any representative to any external mission except with the approval of the Authority.
2 - The club may hold any activity other than the activities scheduled for it in coordination with the Office of the Authority.
3 . The club is not entitled to conduct any negotiations or contacts with individuals or bodies outside the State except with the consent of the Authority or with the consent of a particular local federation in matters related to the competence of the Federation.
4 - This regulation applies to all board members, players, coaches and technicians.

Article (19) Contracting with players
1 - Players are selectedwith the approval of the technical staff and the evaluation committee.
2 - The player is not paid a salary when testing.
3 - The agreed penalties shall be applied to the player in the event of violation of the regulations.
4 - The player is not allowed to utter obscene words.
5 - The player is not allowed to provoke racism and sedition and the Board of Directors has the right to take appropriate legal action.
6 - The player's poor level carries the technical staff and his selection.

Article (20) Penalties for players:
1- The player is violated in the event of uttering bad words or provoking racism or sedition, whether by direct expulsion or by written warning.
2- The player is expelled directly in case of prejudice to the heavenly religions.
3- The player is expelled directly in case of a fight with other players at the club.
The Chairman or General Manager has the right to issue a written warning and to exempt him from the offence.